Camp Report Ambavane – 16/10/19

Check up camp was conducted by Dr. Patankar Medical Foundation at Ambavane on dt. 16/10/19 with assistance of Jnana Prabodhini.

65 patients attended the camp. 56 patients were antenatal patients, 05 infertility,02 Post delivery patients 01 gynac patient. In Gynac patients, commonest complaints.  

All patients were examined and necessary treatment was given. They were called for checkup after one month.

Blood was collected for investigation like Hb% estimation in 29 patients,  BSL in  25 patients , Glucon-D 75 in 13 patients Blood Group in 10 patients,  HIV testing in 12 patients Sr Prolactin in 01 patient TSH test in 19  patients test in HBsAg test in 12 patients  Blood samples send to Satyam Pathology Laboratory for investigation.

Doctors participated in this camp:- 

1). Dr. Vaishali Biniwale

2). Dr  Sarita Kelkar

3). Dr. Dhwani

Senior Nurse:-  Nanda Avasare

Lab Technician :Smita

Coordinator: – Anuya Pendse

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